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Vital statistics
Occupation Servant of the Darkness
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Race Darkling
Gender Female
Status Alive (Future)
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Location Varies
First Appearance Tales of the Darkness

Vassal is a powerful Darkling created by the space faring Dark Prince. She is an ambitious and manipulative woman.


It is unknown when she was created or even if she was created by the Dark Prince. All that is known is that she acts as his right-hand and mistress.


Vassal is an ambitious, cruel, and manipulative woman. She is also highly resentful of being reminded that she is merely as servant of the Dark Prince, regardless of her hold over him. Despite her dark qualities, Vassal seems to be truly in love with the Dark Prince; she once stated that she would destroy the universe itself before anything got between her and her lord. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Vassal has an indefinite lifespan and is always youthful and beautiful.
  • Healing Factor
  • Super Strength - Vassal is vastly strong; able overpower and dismember humans and other mortal creatures with ease, even ones with enhanced human strength like Gilandra.
  • Illusion Casting - Vassal can cast illusions or tweak a person's perceptions to deceive them.
  • Resurrection - Vassal can resurrect the dead, even if the body is completely burned and reduced to ashes.
  • Shape-Shifting - Vassal can make herself appear as another person. She can also grow numerous more limbs to aid her in combat.
  • Mental Manipulation - Vassal is a master manipulator and seductress. She can manipulate even an ancient wielder of The Darkness to a limited degree, even erase some of his memory, though she can never truly control him.
  • Voice Mimicry - Vassal was able to imitate Gilandra's voice.
  • Healing - Vassal can heal a person of their wounds. She can regenerate a being's whole body even if said being is reduced to ashes.
  • Darkling Control - Vassal has command over lesser Darklings, though not nearly to the extent of a host of The Darkness.
  • Darkling Creation - Vassal can create Darklings.
  • Master Torturer - Vassal can torture people physically and psychologically to the extent that they lose their humanity.