Vital statistics
Occupation Monster Hunter
Alias Daughter of Lilith
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Status Undead
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Location Earth
First Appearance

Vampirella is an ancient vampire descended directly from Lilith. Whether she was conceived within her womb or simply sired by her has never been revealed. Whatever the nature of her heredity, their immediate blood-relation makes Vampirella far more potent than any common vampire.

Examples of Vampirella's superior acumen include a complete immunity to the Sun as well as the ability to sprout immense, batlike wings from her back; enabling her to fly. She was also seen to exsanguinate a vampire with corrosive blood without suffering any burns or ill-affects.


Vampirella aided Darkness wielder Jackie Estacado when he was being stalked by a special vampire who wished to take possession of his body to inherit the Darkness. Although they didn't know each other long, they developed an unspoken empathy with one another.

Vampirella has also met the Magdalena Patience, and The Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini on four separate occasions.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Super strength Vampirella is stronger even than most vampires, able to smash concrete, tear men limb from limb and tear apart cars

Speed She can move at supersonic speeds

Immortality She does not physically age and can only be destroyed through a select few means

Hypnosis She can control/influence the minds of others, bending them to her will and making them do her bidding. She could alter her victims' memories or personalities or even make them her slaves.

Seduction Her favorite weapon is often her feminine allure, which she uses to manipulate and disarm males(and occasionally females). Her enticing female body and beautiful face are often enough to mesmerize others without actually entering their minds.´ She seems to prefer this method to hypnosis an utilizes it a great deal more often.