The Rapture


Redeem damned souls in hell


Tom Judge
Tilly Grimes

The Rapture is one of The Thirteen Artifacts. Little is known of The Rapture before 1901, when mathematician Horace Grimes came into possession of it, and tried to unlock its secrets. The Rapture destroyed him. The Rapture has the ability to open a portal to Hell. It can also give hope or take it away, giving hope in Hell means release from that plane of existence. Looking through The Rapture can reveal the true nature of things.

A century later, fallen priest Tom Judge discovered The Rapture and is now the current host. Tom Judge saved Jackie Estacado from Hell with it. Tom had to chose the new ruler of Hell with the Rapture, and he chose the Conductor, he refused, and gave the Rapture back to Tom Judge.

Some Time later Tom Judge was killed by Lachryma and the Rapture was taken from his body. Lachryma then went on a rampage in New York, causing madness. She was stopped by the Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini. Sara got curious of the artifact and asked her friend Lara Croft to investigate the artifact. The search lead Lara into conflict with the Vatican and it's warrior the Magdalena. Carlos Delarch was also searching the Rapture and Lara and Magdalena joined forces to stop him.

It seamed that after the defeat of Lachryma, the Rapture went back to it's previous owner, Tom Judge, in Hell. Tom Judge returned to earth with the Rapture, during the gathering of the Thirteen Artifacts.

In The aftermath, Jackie Estacado rewrote the universe. Where Tilly Grimes was the bearer of the Rapture. It eventually passed back to Tom Judge.

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