Remade Superman
Vital statistics
Occupation Reporter
Alias Man of Steel
Last Son of Krypton
Race Kryptonian
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Jor-El, Lara Lor-Van (Biological Parents)
Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent (Adoptive Parents)
Location Metropolis
First Appearance The Darkness vs. Superman # 1
Superman is a public vigilante based in the Delaware city of Metropolis. Regarded as one of the greatest superheroes of the postmodern era, Superman has established himself as both a major powerhouse as well as an advocate for justice and peace for many citizens around the globe.

Born as Kal-El on the distant planet Krypton, he was rocketed to Earth just as the planet exploded. As such, he is one of the last of the Kryptonian people. Arriving in the backwoods Kansas town of Smallville, the baby Kal was found and raised by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Given the legal name of Clark Kent, the Kents - hoping that he would use his gifts to make the world a better place - instilled in Kal the best values they knew while also teaching him how to control his growing arsenal of abilities and to keep his identity secret from the world.

Background Edit

Born on Krypton sometime during Earth's late-20th Century, Kal is the son of esteemed scientist Jor-El and his wife, Lara Lor-Van. He was born during a time when Krypton's core had become unstable due to many millennia of harvesting by the native people to power their technology. Born into the House of El, Kal hails from a long lineage of scientists and explorers. His ancestors were one of the pioneers that would go on to found Krypton's highly-respected Science Guild. As such, the S-like sigil of the House of El is the ancient Kryptonian symbol for hope.

Being a technocracy, Krypton's culture had become both severely xenophobic and elitist due to the notion that they were the most sophisticated and technologically powerful species in the galaxy both due to their advance Military Guild as well as the discovery of the Phantom Zone. As a result, space travel had long been outlawed by the Ruling Council of Kandor - Krypton's capital city-state - many eras prior. When Jor made the discovery that the core had grown unstable and that a planet-wide evacuation was their only hope, his pleas were ignored as heresy.

Stripped of his rank in the Science Guild and placed under house-arrest, Jor began making preparations to send his son into space discreetly. He had been engineering a small vessel suitable for one passenger that would deliver Kal to the nearest inhabited planet with a young sun. This would ensure that Kal would develop extraordinary abilities that would give him an edge against the many powerful enemies of Krypton that he knew would emerge from the Phantom Zone when the planet exploded and would hunt down any surviving remnants of the Kryptonian species.

It wasn't too long before the Ruling Council learned of Jor's collaboration with the lower-ranking members of the Technicians Guild in order to build the vessel. This was just as the planet's surface had begun to experience seismic tremors from the core rupturing from the inside. With the Sagitari - Krypton's police force - closing in on the Citadel of El, Jor and Lara made haste to secure their son in the craft. Saying their final goodbyes, they launched the ship into space just as volcanic eruptions and overwhelming tremors tore Krypton's surface apart.

Abilities Edit

Superman's powers are rooted in his body's reaction to Earth's younger sun. His Kryptonian cells absorb and metabolize the radiation of Sol's much brighter and stronger starlight, converting it into overwhelming levels of raw power and momentum that surges throughout his anatomy. To an onlooker, this gives Superman the semblance of a god. He is seemingly impervious to harm and possesses immense levels of strength that enable him to conquer virtually any hostile. Despite his great power, Superman is exceptionally responsible and careful with his abilities.

Superman Bullet

Bullets bounce right off Superman's skin.

  • Invulnerability: With his cells supercharged with starlight, Superman's bodily integrity is significantly denser and stronger than virtually any metal on Earth. This gives his body a dense durability that feels far more akin to solid steel than living tissue - hence his moniker of 'Man of Steel'. This makes him impervious to such dangers as high-caliber bullets as well as flames and intense force such as an incoming rail train at high speeds. Even the fangs and claws of Darklings couldn't cut his skin. Only another super-strong and invulnerable being would make him bleed.
  • Accelerated Healing: Due to the strength their derive from Sol, Superman's cells replicate at exceptional rates. While this ability is rarely exhibited due to his general invulnerability to injuries, Superman can recover from most injuries in seconds without any lasting discomfort or scarred tissues. In addition to their regenerative properties, this power also makes him immune to all terrestrial diseases as well as being fully resistant to poisonous elements with the exception of Kryptonite. This also lengthens his adult lifespan significantly, making his full cycle unclear.
  • Superior Strength: Arguably chief among Superman's abilities is his dramatically enhanced strength; able to stop an oncoming locomotive with his bare hands. He is widely regarded as one of the most physically powerful superheros, easily matching demigodly forces such as a Darkness-empowered Jackie. Common displays of his strength include bending steel in his bare hands, breaking free of chain restraints, overturning semis, as well as casually manhandling criminals. In battle with similarly powerful foes, his strikes create shock-waves potent enough to shatter close windows.
  • Supersonic Speed: Superman can accelerate his movements and reactions to subsonic velocities almost instantaneously. This allows him to catch speeding bullets in his bare hands long before they hit him or anyone else. When he exerts his body fully, he can reach sprinting velocities above Mach-Two. The truest measure of Superman's super-speed can be seen in his ability to fly. When he pushes this ability to its uppermost limits, he can reach velocities surpassing several times the speed of sound - enough to race fighter jets and fly from one continent to another in an hour.
  • Ultrasonic Hearing:
  • Expanded Vision: Superman's nerves are supercharged with sufficient solar radiation that allow his optic organs to see into a visual spectrum far beyond any terrestrial creature. His can see across long distances - such as across a city and into a room - or discern details on a microscopic level. Beyond just this expanded perception, Superman's vision is so precise that he can see in-between the molecular bonds of any object he lays eyes upon. This allows him to see through the structure of an object, able to see inside of behind a solid form. This is ineffective on lead.
  • Heat Vision:
  • Flight:

Vulnerabilities Edit


Superman weakened by Metallo's Kryptonite heart.

Superman's most immediate vulnerability is Kryptonite; minerals from Krypton's core that became radioactive from millennia of molecular imbalance. This radiation is toxic to Superman's cells, causing crippling pain while weakening his strength and slowing his regenerative powers. Another of Superman's noteworthy limitations is the absence of a young sun. If Superman were to be exposed to an environment with an older sun - such as that of Krypton's aged sun, Rao - his powers would gradually diminish with use until he would eventually be rendered powerless.