Shi \ Cyblade: The Battle for Independents

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Vital statistics
Cover Artists Cover A:
William Tucci
Nelson Asensio
Cover B:
Marc Silvestri
Matt Banning
Tyson Wengler
Writers William Tucci
Gary Cohn
Pencilers William Tucci
Steve Bissette
B.C. Boyer
Evan Dorkin
Poly Feliciano
David Mack
Terry Moore
Andy Orjuela
Joe Quesada
Nelson (DeCastro)
Marc Sasso
Rob Schrab
Don Simpson
Jeff Smith
Inkers Jimmy Palmiotti
Nelson Asensio
Colorists Jonathan D. Smith
Nelson Asensio
Letterers Denis Heisler
Editors Peter Gutierrez
Release Date January 1995
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Appearing[edit | edit source]

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