Roberto Estacado
Roberto Estacado
Vital statistics
Occupation Criminal
Alias Bobby
Race Human (Darkness Host)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Estacado Family (bloodline)
Adrienne Estacado (wife)
Danny Estacado (son)
Jackie Estacado (grandson)
Capris Castiglione (granddaughter)
Hope Pezzini (great-granddaughter)
Location France
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Roberto Estacado was a criminal in France. He is also a Darkness Host from long line of Estacados.

In 1942 he took a hit from the Germans, to one French resistance member, Logan. They had a long drawn out battle during the night, but was defeated by Logan. The Darkness saved Roberto's life, but harbored a grudge against Logan after that.

He was married to Adrienne Estacado, who knew of his Darkness powers. They were in love and had fun with the Darkness by robbing banks together. Once Adrienne got pregnant with Danny, Roberto lost his powers and was killed by the cops, Adrienne was caught in the crossfire and should of died, but the darkness kept her alive to save the future baby.

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