Ramon Estacado
Ramon Estacado
Vital statistics
Race Human (Darkness Host)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Estacado Family (Bloodline)
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Ramon Estacado was a Western outlaw and thief sometime during the 1800ds in Texas.

He was the son of a whore and an unknown Darkness wielder of the Estacado line who tried to kill Ramon's mother before he was born.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


The DarknessEdit

  • Darkness Armor - Ramon's Darkness Armor was a shadowy wraith with the attire of Western outlaw; with a black duster, a hat, leather gloves with blades on the sides, and a Western leather long-jacket with a white phoenix design on the back flap and wing-like ends.
  • Super Strength - Ramon possessed physical strength clearly beyond that of humans. He knocked a law enforcement officer unconscious with only a kick and later effortlessly overpowered and hoisted a super-strong demon-possessed Klem off the ground and threw him a long distance with a swift grab and a great force that made Klem's nose bleed.
  • Darkness Enhancement - Ramon was also shown to have the ability to infuse The Darkness into his horse; enveloping the horse in armor and giving it the ability to breath fire through its nostrils and accelerated its speed, allowing it to catch up to a train.
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