Vital statistics
Occupation Ruler of Hell (Resigned)
Alias Satan
Race Demon
Gender Male
Status Alive (Institutionalized)
Location New York City, New York
First Appearance Universe # 1

Nick is a powerful demon lord who was once the ruler of Hell. He got fed up with his life in Hell and decided to take a vacation on Earth. During his time on Earth, he meets Tom Judge and gives him a letter to deliver to Jackie Estacado, whose soul was in Hell at the time. He next sent Tom to Hell's stock market as part of his own little schemes. Tom is attacked by Mr. Black's demon forces, but he manages to win.

As the End of Days approaches, Nick is committed to a mental institute. Tom Judge visits him there, and Nick tells him about The Thirteen Artifacts and The Rapture.


The religious stories of Lucifer and the Devil are all based on Nick. Contrary to religious belief, Nick has never met God and there was no war in heaven. Nick came into being with the rest of his species roughly a few millennia before man "split from the monkeys."

Nick capitalized on his insight into the universe and started hoarding human souls to increase his power. Subsequently, he became the most powerful demon and, by infernal law, the king of both hell and demonkind.


At some point, Nick left hell and took on human form in order to live on earth. He met with Tom Judge at a Starbucks Coffee and informed him of his responsibilities as the new bearer of the Rapture and his role in the coming Armageddon. He gave him a written letter to give to Jackie Estacado in hell along with a warning to stay away from the Conductor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Nick's true form.

Powers Edit

  • Demonic Physiology: Nick is a demon elder of vast power. He is said to be the most powerful of all demons.
    • Immortality: Nick is immortal and ancient. He is said to be as old as time itself.
      • Healing Factor: Nick can recover preternaturally fast.
        • Immunity: Nick is exempt form all diseases and infection.
        • Super Durability: Nick can withstand extreme physical trauma and recover quickly with no lasting damage.
    • Shapeshifting: He can transform from his true form into his human form at will.
    • Super Strength: Because of his supreme demonic rank and level of power, it can be asserted that Nick is stronger than most, if not all, demons.
    • Flight: His wings provide self-propelled flight.
  • Demonic Metaphysiology: Nick's mental and psionic abilities are similarly powerful.
    • Occult Intelligence: Nick is highly intelligent. He is a business man and is highly involved in Hell's economy. He has knowledge regarding the supernatural and the Thirteen Artifacts. 
    • Clairvoyance: Nick possesses supernatural senses that allow him to perceive things that humans cannot. He can see demons in their true form even while they are in a human disguise. He can also see through dimensional barriers, such as being able to see into the gates of Hell even while on Earth.
      • Precognition: Nick can see into and know the future of anyone he comes into contact with. He can also predict the weather.
      • Telepathy: Nick was able to read Tom's mind.
    • Soul Consumption: Nick gains power by consuming human souls.
    • Teleportation: Nick can teleport from Hell to Earth and back again. He can also take passengers.