Michaelangelo Estacado
Michaelangelo Estacado
Vital statistics
Occupation Gypsy
Alias Devil
Dark-Eyed Gypsy Boy
Prince of Darkness
Prince of Hell
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Estacado Family (Bloodline)
Location Spain
First Appearance Tales of the Darkness

Michaelangelo Estacado was a bearer of the Darkness and one of Jackie Estacado's forefathers. He was also of close relation to Miguel Estacado. Born in Spain sometime before the Inquisition in the late 1400's, he was raised by gypsies after his mother was executed by Inquisitors.

Biography Edit

Description Edit

Michaelangelo bore a strong resemblance to many of the members of his lineage. He was tall in stature, with a handsome face and a muscular physique; dark of hair and with noticeably dark - almost black - eyes, earning him the pejorative description of "dark-eyed gypsy from Hell."

Powers & Abilities Edit

Michaelangelo's abilities were displayed only once in his brief appearance in the canon, however he was shown to possess a quick mastery of the Darkness; able to conjure his Darklings and armor to slaughter an entire unit of Inquisitors and Spanish knights in a matter of moments.

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