Vital statistics
Race Demon
Gender Male
Status Deceased
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Mali is a powerful demon and the archenemy of Abigail Van Alstine. His main goal is to retrieve the Heart Stone to increase his power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mali is around the mid or higher level demon ranks.

  • Immortality - Mali is ancient and hard to kill by any Earthly means.
  • Super Strength - Mali is physically stronger than any adult human and can overpower and/or kill them with ease. He once threw Sara into a stone column with great speed and force, reducing it to rubble.
  • Healing Factor - Mali quickly heals from bodily wounds, including those which would cripple or kill humans in seconds.
  • Size Augmentation - Mali can increase his size and mass to a limited degree. This allows him to become much larger than he usually is.
  • Flight - Mali's demonic wings allow him to fly.
  • Possession - Mali has used Abigail as a vessel in the past. He manifests as a deep red and black smoke.