Vital statistics
Occupation Warlord
Alias Black Guidon
Race Human (Darkness Host)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Location Unknown
First Appearance The Darkness Vol 3 #97

Lulkam-Sin was a past Darkness wielder, but was killed. He now resides in the Darkness Realm. where he fight eternally. Sonatine is his slave who feeds his own body part to Lulkam-Sin's darkness creatures. Lulkam-Sin meets Jackie Estacado after Jackie had killed some of his enemies, and offers an alliance, with Jackie agrees to. They fight together against Green Pennant. Jackie has an idea to fight until all the enemies retreat to the Maw. Lulkam-Sin tries to save Jackie when the Maw draws near, but Jackie cuts off his hand and they both fall in. Lulkam-Sin is again devoured by the maw.[1]


  1. The Darkness Vol 3 97, January 2012
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