Julie Pezzini
Julie Pezzini
Vital statistics
Occupation Unemployed
Alias Auntie Julie
Race Human
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Vincent Pezzini (father)
Sara Pezzini (Sister)
Hope Pezzini (Niece)
Location Hell
First Appearance Witchblade #6

Julie Pezzini was the sister of Sara Pezzini.


She was described as "the girl who turned all the men's heads whenever she made an entrance." She vigorously enjoyed a fast-lane lifestyle, cutting past crowds at the hottest nightclubs, scoring the trendiest drugs, and joining the most fashionable religions.

Her time in prison helped her to legitimately shift gears and she had since thrust herself head-first into playing "Auntie Julie" for Sara's daughter Hope.

Julie was killed by Aphrodite IV. She ended up in Hell like all souls, and has managed to evade capture by soul harvesters. She aided Tom Judge while he was in hell as well.

Julie In Hell

Julie In Hell