A Deity - more commonly called a God, or alternatively an Old God or Pagan God - is an immortal being with such influence over properties of either the afterlife or nature itself that they merit worship by lesser beings such as humans. Gods as a whole precede both time and death. While beings such as the Angelus and mighty archdemons have been worshiped as gods before, and while exhibiting abilities parallel to those of a god, they are not truly deities; instead they are either demigods, humans endowed with godlike powers, or merely false gods with cults.

Known GodsEdit

These are the deities known to exist or to be referenced to in the Top Cow Universe.

  • Anubis - The Egyptian god of the underworld.
  • Bastet - The Egyptian goddess of cats.
  • Devi - The Hindu goddess incarnate.
  • God - The Judeo-Christian chief deity.
  • Hela - The Norse goddess of death.
  • Horus - The Egyptian god of kings and the sky.
  • Inti - The Incan sun god.
  • Kali - The Hindu goddess of death.
  • Kilya - The Incan goddess of the moon.
  • Lugh - The Irish god of heroism.
  • Odin - The Nordic king of gods.
  • Pluto - The Greco-Roman god of the underworld and the dead.
  • Prometheus - The Greco-Roman god of forethought.
  • Roal - The Incan creator god.
  • Tezcatlipoca - The Aztec central deity
  • Tiamat - The Sumerian goddess of ocean
  • Zeus - The Greco-Roman god of the sky and earth. The king of the Olympian gods.