Abigail Van Alstine
Vital statistics
Occupation Student
Race Human
Gender Female
Status Alive
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Abigail Van Alstine is a teenage girl who possesses magical powers. These abilities manifested after reading from a spellbook she had in her possession but also had inadvertently summoned the demon Mali in the process. The demon killed her parents and the friends she had over and set the house ablaze. She is later found by an ancient sorcerer, Locke, who also became her mentor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abigail is part of a mystical subculture among society. She possesses several growing powers of her own. Her abilities are augmented and increased due to her nature as the wielder of at least half of the Heart Stone.

  • Telekinesis - Abigail can cast spells to move and levitate objects through her will alone. She can use this ability to utilize ordinary objects as weapons of sorts (such as using a ceiling fan as a buzz-saw). She can also make things explode with this power.
  • Pyrokinesis - Abigail can summon fire.
  • Electrokinesis - Abigail can create and manipulate magical electricity.
  • Magical Shield - Abigail can create a magical shield to protect herself.
  • Necromancy - Abigail's presence can reanimate corpses to some degree and allow her to talk to the dead.
  • Entropic Magic - As a necromancer Abigail has entropic magic which, as the name suggests, enables her to manipulate the forces of entropy and as such she can cause physical matter to break down rapidly.
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